5/365 – Fat cats, cold cats

I’m on cat duty out at the farm while my brother and Cold catshis family are on vacation. There are two inside cats, the “haves,” and at least four feral cats, the “have-nots.” 

  • The inside cats are fat; the ones outside bony under their puffed up fur. 
  • The insiders loll about, purr and enjoy being stroked.  The outside ones act like they think you’re going to kill them, even when you’re giving them food.


Here are the "haves" inside.

People are lot like these cats. I grew up among the “haves” in a rich suburb of Milwaukee (I know, how can Milwaukee have anything rich near it?  But check the demographics of 53092), and a short drive away was the Inner Core, the black ghetto, with boarded-up storefronts, burned out buildings, and run-down flats.  It’s still like that. They say there’s a digital divide as well.  Some have high-speed access, some have no access at all.  How do things get that way, or have they always been that way, serfs and masters, aristocrats and peasants?  Should we try to do anything about it?

I could make the aristo-cats at the farmhouse go outside once in a while, but would the homeless cats come inside?  Would they all get along in either environment? Seems to me there should be some choice in the matter, if not for cats, then for our black brothers and sisters.  It shouldn’t be a foregone conclusion that they are excluded from life in the “fat” lane.

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