36/365 – Going where the links take me

We have these mini-glaciers in every large parking lot, piles of old snow and ice that last for months. It's a changing landscape based on freezing temperature.

We have these mini-glaciers in every large parking lot, piles of old snow and ice that last for months. It's a slowly changing landscape based on the number of above-freezing interludes and the snowfalls.

Lots to report tonight, so let’s get to it.

I want to share a fairly typical days “catch” with you, the kinds of things I stumbled across or get linked to in my free association on the Net.

  1. A fairly new global news and culture network based in France. It’s called France24.com, and has both TV and Internet channels. They’re talking the good talk — convergence, maximum interactivity, tag clouds — and above all, basing their efforts on French values (more on that in the future as I learn about it). Trés bien. Bon chance France24.com.
  2. A new music-sharing site that is actually based right here in Madison, Wisconsin. I left my printout with my future stepson and musician G. and can’t remember the name, but luckily I emailed myself a link.  It’s newtunes.com.  They’ve got some new algorythms that find music that’s similar to what you like, or something like that.
  3. A Democrat I can understand, Joan Walsh of Salon.com, whose opinion piece, “The new Great Communicator … isn’t” caught my eye today. She was quoting former Secretary of Labor and now professor at UC Berkeley about the stimulus plan and Obama’s communication skills, which she said are not being used properly.

Anyway, this was a fruitful day in terms of new contacts and ideas, but most of my days are like this, and that’s one of the things I had hoped to be able to share through blogging – the infinite possibilities of the Web.

Oh, and I dissed Rupert Murdock a little a while ago, and his mostly newspaper media empire wrote of something like $6.5 billion in lost goodwill and brand value due to the general sagging of that sector.  Told you I knew more than him about convergence and the new media.

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