48/365 – God is in the details

Isn't St. Patrick's inviting?

Isn't St. Patrick's inviting?

Becoming Catholic is happening to me in ways both grand and small. My original conversion experience was as overwhelming as an ocean wave, and I felt completely swept up in faith, which filled a void in me. Subsequent waves washed through me, and then my internal ocean got peaceful after this cleansing.

Now it was time to work on the details of living a holy life, or growing towards holiness.

In RCIA tonight, we were discussing the topic of “Law, Justification and Grace.” Right away, I have to tell all you modern rationalists that “justification” does not mean “whatever you can talk your way out of.” You can’t justify an immoral act. What the church means by justification is the act of God making us just and holy by taking away our sins, sort of adjusting us so we can participate further in a good life, one that we can now see more clearly.

Anyway, didn’t mean to lose half my audience on that point by mentioning God and sin and stuff modern folks don’t believe in. I’m just bringing you to the part of the discussion where we got into the way one can begin to live a moral life, which is by examining each decision, each action, each place we let our eyes stray, and asking if that is a good thing or not.

You see, seeking God or seeking to become more like Jesus is a process, one that takes great application of effort and truth. Where you used to be happy that you got extra money back in change, now you give it back. You no longer seek to chisel your way through life, stealing stuff when no one is looking. God is always looking.

So I want to take the phrase that Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (one of the pioneers of modern architecture who brought us those glass and steel monstrosities that dehumanize most major cities) made famous, “God is in the details” (apparently borrowed from Gustave Flaubert) and apply it to becoming closer to God rather than claiming my architectural designs are holier than yours. Seek God in the details of your life, and the bigger things will follow.

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