90/365 – Redirecting my focus

Can’t believe I’ve hit such a cold patch.  Guess it’s writer’s block.  Thing is, there’s LOTS going on, both in the world at large and in my little world.  My first confession, for instance, really rocked on Saturday morning.  I’m also ready to have my annulment narrative vetted by my priest advisor.  And someone very special complimented me on becoming a good listener.

 All these things are intensely personal, and I guess I’m learning they are not only not for blogging, but can also actually make me less interested in blogging.  Maybe it’s time to stop commenting on my life and direct my attention to the world at large.

86/365 – Too late

Missed it!  I was certain I had reserved a slot for Friday, but apparently not.  My thoughts that day were on a number of things, including my impending first confession, the death of a high school teacher, another twist in my search for ex-wife Mequon, and yet more.  Oh well, I’ve made nearly 85 of the 86 deadlines, for an average of about 97%.

(Okay, I was curious and went back over the past three months of this 365 project and was shocked to find I missed the daily deadline 13 times out of 86 posts, only an 85% rating.  Nearly all were just a day late, although I did miss Saturday, February 28 completely, but then made that up the next week by doing an extra post on Monday, March 2.)

My column, and my thoughts, were stuck in traffic.

My column, and my thoughts, were stuck in traffic.