69/365 – Fog

Winter fog (cell phone shot).
Winter fog (cell phone shot).

I’m kind of feeling the fog tonight.  It’s my God night, the Tuesday Catholic classes I’ve been in since September.  Fog can be comforting, limiting the view so you can concentrate on what’s in front of you.  Fog can slow you down so you stop to appreciate what you have.

My mind isn’t foggy, but my focus is more inward lately.  In fact, there’s a clarity of thought and purpose, and I trust my recent choices implicitly.  But the fog is making me hold back on being too triumphant.  Wait until you can see better, the fog warns.  Just because you’re receiving grace doesn’t mean life becomes a fairy tale. Things might even get harder, or you’ll be inspired to take on the less fortunate.

Our leaders operate in a fog, you know.  Some days, they probably feel they know less than nothing about what to do next.  And no matter what your battle plan, as soon as you engage the enemy, you are in the Fog of War.  No plan survives the first contact with reality, they say.

Here’s to a sunnier future — my Love and me in Paris!

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