248/365 – A little Paris in Madison

DSCN2905One day, summer finally came for an oh-too-brief visit.  Luckily, it was a day off for me, so I went to Madison’s only boulangerie to sip some cafe au lait and eat a freshly baked baugette with brie and ham inside (see below).

Two elderly gentlmen spoke loudly of film distribution deals and how you need $600K to get started in Hollywood.  One was from Iran and said that LA had the largeet Iranian population in the states, while most Ethiopians were in DC.  I thought of butting in to find out who they were, but didn’t get a chance.  The Iranian doesn’t live here anyway, it seems, as he could hardly find a time in the next couple months to get back together with the other guy.

So there’s a little international life here, even if it’s as elusive as a rare butterfly.


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