281/365 – Thursday feeling like Friday

DSCN3063Maybe I should wait until I get home before writing today, it’s such an effort.  I’m mainly thinking, arranging, paying bills, and things like that.

Things on my mind, or just things to ponder, or just think about:

  • Afghanistan
  • Iraq
  • Muslim extremism in general
  • The rapacious and brutal aspects of business and American society
  • Health care for all
  • What to do online after this 365 is complete
  • Why a school hasn’t returned my calls about the Forgiveness curriculum (I hate selling things over the phone).

Hmm, a lot of those are problems or negative things.  I also have plenty of positive things going on, starting with the love God has shown me, the love of Jane, being made open to that love and learning how to listen and care, fall beauty, future plans, foreign movies (got a Cuban one last night, new country for both of us), cooking, my two new sons, my son, the list goes on.  Having a secure home and love is what gives me strength to think about the bloody things.

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