283/365 – I’m nobody, who are you?


Caption: Accidental self-portrait while testing batteries in camera.

It’s one thing to keep a journal and never have anyone read it, including yourself.  It’s quite another to put one’s thoughts on the Internet. At this point in my 365 project, I know that a daily blog without a focus is not for me.  Neither is a daily blog focused on me.  I resent the spotlight and don’t want the attention.  Like Emily Dickenson, “I’m nobody”* anyway.

“How the world looks to me” is a good line, but who cares about my point of view?  What I’m seeking is truth and goodness, and how to bring both to people so they can be at peace.  That takes examination, reflection, debate, and time.  Meanwhile, I will finish what I started, because it always seems to surprise me.

*I’m nobody!

Who are you?

Are you nobody, too?

Then there’s a pair of us — don’t tell!

They’d advertise — you know!

How dreary to be somebody!

How public like a frog

To tell one’s name the livelong day

To an admiring bog!


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