359/365 – Christmas morning

Everything’s ready for Christmas morning. I’m up first, as usual. Things got wrapped last night in various shifts — looks like one of the boys used a magazine as wrapping paper!  I await the unveiling patiently, catching up on things like this 365 project.

Last night Dearest asked if I missed my son, and I said no because he is always with me and I know he has his own life to live and his own family to form.  He will be here next month as well.  I do miss my parents and grandparents on my mom’s side, of course.  We all lived together in a five-bedroom house we built in Mequon, Wis., back in 1957 (yes, I’m that old!), then one by one they died, first dad, then mom (I was only 24), then grandma and finally gramps.  So I honor their memory this Christmas Day as I celebrate my new family (we all went to church on Christmas Eve) and the good times to come, the things shared, the burdens lightened, the self-discoveries made, the growth and giving and all good things that come from Love.

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