365/365 – I’m finished

It’s been an amazing year in which I joined the venerable Catholic Church, married the love of my life, honeymooned in Paris, became part of a new family, and began to get over my past bruises and scars. If you look back at the beginning of this 365 Project, you’ll see another revealing self-portrait taken as I began this journey.  Now I am safely ensconced in my basement bunker, ready to write the next chapters of my life.

I never really intended this to be a personal journal — I didn’t really have a firm intention — this has been an exploration — although I hoped to find my voice, become some sort of commentator or pundit or critic.  That could still happen as my roots grab hold and I feel I am someone with significance who has something to say — and as I learn to look honestly at my life and the lives of those I affect and have affected. Yet it has become obvious I am fed up with this particular online experiment, and Dearest recommended I simply end it. 

So on this Sunday morning after we entertained her whole clan with spiral-cut ham and my special scalloped potatoes (of which her sister guessed my secret spice) I end it. The total: 306 posts, or about an 84% record. Thanks to all my readers and commenters. Peace.

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