Blogging is hard

Here I am, a guy with millions of words already written to chose from, and even I have trouble getting a blog entry posted on a regular basis — trying for “daily” at this point. It’s about self-discipline, having a plan, setting up a work schedule — all those things I seem to suck at.

Anyway, here’s another gratuitous grab out of my goldmine of Wordz:

11-4-12 PZ “The Burbs”

Jane and I saw the fabulous freaky-minded Sklar Brothers (Yeah, crappy name for show business, … “sklar”), which made me think about comedy in an academic, serious-minded way … what is this substance we call “humor”?


ANNCR: Today’s journal entry: from 1983


The output of my brain seems to have doubled since I got high again and also had successful sex for a male (penetration, ejaculation, sexual intercourse – how much information do you require?) … that is … UP. IN. Kabloom!


(Random Comedy Rule 11-4)

Don’t examine comedy too close so you kill it in my heart and mind, rather than leaving it to be a force of nature, an instrument of grace: Humor is how we spread the WORD! The WORD is holy-of-holies, being the only sure instrument we now have to preserve and pass on our hard-won knowledge.

That said, here are some things I find funny:

  • Having to go to the bathroom, number one
  • Having to go to the bathroom, number two
  • Farting
  • Vomiting

[PZ Note 6-7-15: I have no idea what I was talking about.]

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