Stuck in Technological-ville Again

I estimate I would be on the leading edge of the bleeding edge of social and economic change if it were not for “bleeding” technology tripping me up! 

Must do more to fight this hidden plague of indecision about the machines we need to have on our side and be having our backs.


As it is, I am way behind my own supporters, I have no supporters, I have become cynic, and I mean to make the word appear in italic type, indicating a word foreign to English but using a very similar set of letters or alphabet.

WAVINGBOTHHANDS No, no, no! Not enuf acting, too much telling.  SHOW me, don’t tell me what you’re going to be showing me, do it!

I really don’t need to explain

It’s my channel, I can say what I think. So can you, fellow human and resident of Planet Earth. May our discussions bear more than bitter fruit, or we’re drinking lemonade again.

My decision has been to simply switch my place of publication to my WordPress account, T.W.I.S.T. “The Way I See Things.” Well, not “switch.” It was always available, I just toyed with other channels, and that has gotten me exactly HERE! Also known as nowhere.

Let’s see what it takes to become Somewhere.

Standing on the Internet

That should actually be punctuated for clarity as, “Standing” as defined by the users of the Internet. I got it from Legal: Having a position or place within the injured parties to which we can direct aid?

Can’t put in more time right this instant … still not properly dressed for success.

Okay, Sister Beth, “Bether” stopped by. I repay her small loan, she talked about T’s funeral, wake, whatever.

*** ugh ***

What do you see as your personal, entrepreneurial, corporate, civic, or charitiable action needed? What cause or crusade needs you and/or/plus your money?

[back soon]