First snow, big deal?

“Does it snow by you?” — as my Milwaukee German ancestors would have put it. Today, the 9th of November the day I was born, I would answer: “Ya, hey, she’s snowin’ now.”

My son was born in the summer, so it’s hard to picture a winter baby — you wouldn’t go out as much, but those first few months tend to be intimate and intense, whatever the weather. Anyway, my late mother looked out upon an urban landscape in Chicago, and may have an early dusting of snow, like today. I thank her for my life, although I really didn’t like her all that much — kinda cold, distant, self-involved. Or maybe that’s me!

Well I’ll accept the freak snow as my first surprise gift today — may it make me a more prudent planner. And yes, Love, we’ll get your snow tires on ASAP.

135/365 – A day for nature

Red bud, the most beautiful tree.

Eastern Redbud, North America's most beautiful tree. (Cercis canadensis)

It was the third morning in a row I wanted to record the redbud tree.  One day,  it was raining; the next, I didn’t have the camera and was late.  Today, I pulled over on one of Madison’s one-way arterial street and contemplated this tree.  My impression has been of the magnificent tree glowing in the morning sun — then I saw the telephone pole, the streetlight pole, and wires and whatnot.  Oh well, that’s the context and it makes the tree’s beauty even more valuable as a contrast to urban grit.