120/365 – Planting time


We’ve got history, these two garden beds and me.  Nothing but clay and pernicious quack grass rhizomes to start with, my brother and I created soil with liberal admixtures of compost, aged horse manure, and peat moss.  Now the stuff crumbles in your hand.

It’s been, well, four years?  Maybe five.  I lose track, because each spring it’s a new thing.  I wore out the soil for peas — that was my game for years, getting peas planted by the first day of spring, all kinds, snow peas, sugar pods, and regular for my sister-in-law.  Got tired of tomatoes, too.

So this year, it’s cut flowers.  Two Shasta daisy plants are up front on the left, with two rows of zinnias planted today.  I can get to the garden from work in about 10 minutes, so I’ll be doing some tilling and planting fairly often.