I’m starting over — again! (Smiley face)

Stand back, this could get messy … I’m going to slaughter my internet presence in plain view. [“Where do you want this killing done? Out on Highway 51!” Bob Dylan]

There’s really no other choice — I either start right now, right where I am, with what I have, or I dawdle, procrastinate, lie to myself about how I’m almost organized, almost ready to launch — launch what? How can I decide when every five minutes I think of another way to say what it is that I want to say? That’s me: Own it, I say. Do it. Simply Be!

Besides, I already started — been blogging since 2008, staking a claim in the rush for internet gold, silver, brass and aluminum. This is a restart, a do-over, a Mulligan.

So instead of presenting an idealized frosted cake with candles ablaze blog, I’ll be showing you the grinding of the flour (Hell, the growing of the grain!), the gathering and cracking of the eggs, the mess and mystery of creation as it’s happening. Welcome to my world, where words are all I have, and perhaps all I need to help make the madness calm, the killing stop, and the equal worth of every life be the rule.

344/365 – I hate “social media”

I smell a scam. It has to do with all the consultants and continuing education people who are jumping on the social media bandwagon. Gotta have it!  Gotta understand it!  My God, your employees could be giving away the store on Facebook! Or twittering their way to a lawsuit!

That last one is my personal contribution to the hype. “Can you Twitter your way to a lawsuit?” is my headline for our webpage that advertises a seminar for lawyers on social media challenges (read: trouble!).  That’s the art from the seminar up on the left. I like the line; it encapsulates the supposed threat.  Thing is, the same danger has been present for over a decade with email, so social media, while being new formats, are not really presenting a totally new danger.  Nor are they the greatest marketing opportunity since sliced bread.  But consultants want you to think that and run, don’t walk, to the latest seminar so your competition doesn’t eat your social media lunch, and breakfast!

I say, shut it all down on the corporate network.  Include Ebay and Cragslist while you’re at it.  There are really very few things your employees should be doing on the Internet while they’re at work, practically nothing for most people except checking a personal email address a couple times a day on their “breaks.”

Oh shit!  I’m doing this blog entry on company time!