I feel stuck

Am I stuck in my own mud?

Am I stuck, or do I just think I’m stuck?

Is my thinking stuck?

What am I stuck on? Stuck with?

Through the heart, stuck?

“Stuck on you” must be a country song.

Being stuck has both positive and negative meanings/connotations/implications.

You can be stuck on a good thing as well as on a bad thing.

Simple-minded crap, that’s what I’m stuck on.

Thinking stuck, stinking “thuck.”

Word play, that’s what I do all day,

making hay, or is it “hey man,” whatchoo lookin’ at, brat?

Me and the microphone, me and the words,

The Wordz man, here come The Wordz,

Got me a plan, went South for a tan,

been thinkin’ ’bout Afghanistan,

been thinkin’ ’bout this planet-stan,

how we each got our own spinning plan,

little Ralphies and Janets got their planettes,

revolving around the same sun.

Solar flare, I don’t care, sun of light and sunburn, son of God and soulburn, burn in hell, never tell, doing well, despite the hard-sell. Oh well.