I feel stuck

Am I stuck in my own mud?

Am I stuck, or do I just think I’m stuck?

Is my thinking stuck?

What am I stuck on? Stuck with?

Through the heart, stuck?

“Stuck on you” must be a country song.

Being stuck has both positive and negative meanings/connotations/implications.

You can be stuck on a good thing as well as on a bad thing.

Simple-minded crap, that’s what I’m stuck on.

Thinking stuck, stinking “thuck.”

Word play, that’s what I do all day,

making hay, or is it “hey man,” whatchoo lookin’ at, brat?

Me and the microphone, me and the words,

The Wordz man, here come The Wordz,

Got me a plan, went South for a tan,

been thinkin’ ’bout Afghanistan,

been thinkin’ ’bout this planet-stan,

how we each got our own spinning plan,

little Ralphies and Janets got their planettes,

revolving around the same sun.

Solar flare, I don’t care, sun of light and sunburn, son of God and soulburn, burn in hell, never tell, doing well, despite the hard-sell. Oh well.

93/365 – Natty Dread on a Saturday


My little bit of urbanity, Capitol Centre Apartments.  I'm on 14, on from the top.

My little bit of urbanity, Capitol Centre Apartments. I'm on 14, one from the top.

For two hours every Saturday, I am transported from Madison to Babylon, thanks to WORT-FM community-supported radio and DJ FRP’s show, “Tropical Riddims.” I hang with the Rastafarians and yearn for Zion, with the help of Jah. I hear how Natty Dreadlock struggles to be free.

As my son once noted, just about every reggae song has the above elements, oh, and ganja, too.  Rasta, Jah, Zion, Dread, herb.  Quite a world view.

I first heard reggae in Chicago about 1974, I think. The Wailers “Catch a Fire” (that was before Bob Marley stepped into the lead role) must have played in town, or else it had something to do with the Jamaican indie film, “The Harder They Fall.” Whatever started it, I felt warmed by the rhythm, inspired by the lyrics, and was eager to visit the island.  That happened over the Christmas holidays.  I got involved with two street musicians during my two weeks in Montego Bay, we recorded some tunes, now lost. But all that aside, I think the music works anywhere for any reason.

42/365 – K’naan comes to town

Hip-hop artist K'naan connects with his Madison fans
Hip-hop artist K’naan connects with his Madison fans
Words won’t really do justice to a hip-hop concert, which is full of words, no doubt, but you’ll miss the beat.  So here is a link to a whole album of shots I took last night.

And here is more about the artist, my new favorite, K’naan, the kid from Somalia by way of Toronto.  Enjoy.