26/365 – Tea’s me

It's like being at Won Hung Lo's

It's like being at Won Hung Lo's

I’ve completely gone to tea. This leads to many problems in the Midwest:

a) Nobody serves fast tea, I mean, no fast-food places have hot tea

b) If a restaurant has tea, it’s usually Lipton tea bags, or Earl Grey

c) To make tea at work, I have to boil water in a microwave, and unless I bring in a pot, which I just might consider, I can only make one mug at a time

Okay, these are not major complaints, but just an indication that if you go against the grain in your culture, you’re in for a lot of work and inconvenience.

At home, we’re all set. Jane’s sister gave us a wonderful cast iron pot with a removable basket for the leaves. At the apartment, Jane gave me a snazzy glass pot, again with the built-in basket.  I found a nice whistling teapot for heating the water, so most mornings, the tea whistle cheers things up.

At the mall, where I’m doing taxes nearly every day, there’s an immense food court, and only one place serves hot tea.  I guess I should be happy there’s one.

Probably the place most Americans have tried tea is at Chinese restaurants.  That particular blend is very drinkable, but I never thought to look for it.  But I have begun scouting every grocery I can for their tea choices, and what to my wondering eyes should appear but “Chinese Restaurant Tea” at Copp’s.  It’s only in bags, so I’m still in search of bulk leaves, but now I’ve got that great taste available.

I could write a lot more about tea, but I see some of you nodding off.  Okay, set of the firecrackers — it’s Chinese New Year!